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b. 1987

Los Angeles

Desmond is an artist, educator and musician of Belizean-

American heritage primarily working in ceramics, photo and video, He is also a DJ: the host of Cool Spot Selections on Desmond is an art historian concerned with the visual history of Belize. His thesis, "On Belizean Art", is among the first scholarly works to address the topic. He is also a gardener, avid soccer fan and enjoys hammocks and vinyl records. 


BA - Art History. CSU, Los Angeles. 2016.

MFA - Visual Art. CSU, Fullerton. 2020.

Exhibition Record:


COMA Gallery. Many Leaps. 2015.

COMA Gallery. High Def. Piss Jugs. 2016.

Freedman Gallery. malaise_forever_i. 2018.

Duff Gallery. malaise_forever_ii. 2019.


Nova Frame and Gallery. Painting Review. 2009.

Rio Hondo College. Postmodern BBQ. 2014.

Ronald Silverman Gallery. Undergraduate Show. 2015.

Luckman Fine Arts Gallery. POST. 2016.

Grand Central Arts Center. Now More Than Ever. 2019

Rio Hondo College. Essential Workers. 2020. 

Rhizome DC - Microcinema: Experimental Shorts. 2021

Duppy Gun Studio, Portmore, Jamaica. Chopdawg. 2021

Grand Park Los Angeles - Celebration Spectrum. 2021

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